Reasons Why We Do Warm-Ups

Reasons why we do warms up

You might have thought why should we need to warm ourselves up before doing actual sports, because obviously our bodies can directly do sports. But apparently, warming up before sports is very important. No matter how good you are in sports, your body still needs to adjust before doing tougher activities like, sports for instance. So in order to make your body “accepts” and not easily “shocked” when doing core sports, warming up is the best prep. Now imagine having muscles that are in a relaxed condition, and suddenly they’re being used for hardcore jogging or intense cycling. Your muscles will be “shocked” and that will cause cramps- which could be total obstacle, and let’s be honest, nobody likes having cramps right? Because of that, first and foremost you should do a warm up for a good 10-15 minutes before doing sports to get these benefits.

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  • Preventing Injuries

When you’re not warming up before doing sports your muscles become stiff. The stiff muscles make your muscles not ready to make any big movements that are usually used for sports. It eventually gives bigger chance to cause injuries like sprained ankles to torn muscles.


  • Improving Blood Circulation

Doing warm-ups can also improve your blood circulation so that your whole oxygen supply in your body becomes better. With the improvement of oxygen supply, our physical performance in doing sports will also be increased.


  • Improving Your Focus

Warming up also has a psychological benefits that can increase our mental performance and of course, focus- when doing sports. Warm-ups make our body and mind more relaxed so it will calm down the tension. As a whole, the relaxed condition of ourselves makes our focus more stabilized.


  • Reducing Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a substance that’s increased if we’re doing sports. Because when our body makes heavy movements, lactic acid will increase and heaped up in our blood and muscles- which later would be very dangerous to our body. Warming up, in fact, helps reduce the level of lactic acid.