How Running Affects You Positively

How running affects you positively

“Running helps, as long as you’re not planning to run away.”

Mood swings and frustration (which can lead to depression and anxiety) can happen to anyone and apparently it doesn’t recognize time. If you have a problem in coping with one, you will most experience an empty, stuck feeling. But worry not, experts said that running helps to prevent these things to happen.

It is said that the medication effects from running refreshes our mind and body. It happens because running releases good endorphins (which can basically translates to ‘natural happy pills’) that affects our mood later on.

It also helps to get away from the cycle of negative thoughts because when you’re running, it takes your mind off worries and eases out symptoms.

As stated from, apparently running comes in a form of actual therapy session with an actual psychiatrist. It happens to one patient who happens to really despise running and she later on ranted on how she’s really bad at running and how she would probably give up in no longer than five minutes.

The next thing she knew, she really enjoyed herself and didn’t find it tiring at all.

Running is a way to cope in a very healthy way and it gives you confidence boost- it makes you feel healthy inside and out. Running is a win-win solution for all.

So why keep the long face? Get your running jersey on and let’s run.

Because it’s either you run the day or the day runs you.