Buy 2 Get 3 Special Offer

For there is only one nation, our nation, Indonesia. Just like our president said, we are united without numbers. Twelve Squared is giving you the numbers you need on a very special offer, Buy 2 Get 3 items! Purchase any Twelve Squared products up to three items, and you’ll only have to pay for the price of two! Let us be united, not just in everyday lives, but also in getting out of our square by doing what we love, what we are passionate about. So, don’t waste your time and go get yourself the cycling apparel and accessories you need with our promo!


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The lowest priced item of the Buy 2 Get 3 Offer will be the free item (discount will be applied to the value of the lowest price)
  2. This offer can not be exchanged for cash
  3. This offer is valid until August 11th, 2019

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