Before You Ride: Bangka Island

The island of Bangka Belitung is one of the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia. The beauty of the nature in Bangka and Belitung gives you another taste of what Indonesia has in store. The granite rocks along the beach is one the most iconic thing you’ll remember about these islands. But did you know that Bangka Island is not only about the beauty? In this article we will discuss more about Bangka Island as the place where Sungailiat Triathlon takes place every year.


Bangka Island derived from the word Wangka which means tin, so it won’t be a surprise for you to see a lot of tin mine there. The surface area of Bangka Island is 11.694 Km2. No wonder there are so many beach located in this island. One thing you will notice about the beaches in Bangka Island is that you will find granite rocks of all sizes spread along. Bangka Island consists of highlands, valleys, and also hills. Even so, there are no active volcanoes in this island. As a part of Indonesia, Bangka Island is also a tropical island. That means Bangka Island only has two seasons, wet season on the most months through the year, and dry season on the rest of the months. Usually, the wet season occurs from October to March.


For you who seek for an adventure, this island would be a perfect fit. The highlands and valleys will challenge you. But you need to stay aware and be careful, especially when you’re going on the rainy season. You need to plan your cycling trip carefully, and choose the month of your trip wisely if you’re not interested on getting wet while you ride your bike. You will find coconuts and bananas around the island as they are produced and harvested by the locals. On the other article about food and nutritions, there’s an explanation on why you should consume these fruits as a cyclist.


On this island, the Sungailiat Triathlon is held every year. This event attracts many athletes and tourists from around the world, just how the local government of Bangka-Belitung would have expected to boost their local tourism. This year, Sungailiat Triathlon was held on April 21st. Some of the contestants said that the route was pretty challenging, perfect for cycling. On the other hand, they also stated that the scenery was one of the best in Indonesia.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your bikes ready and ‘splore more the beauty of Bangka Island!


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