Morning Run For Your (Healthier) Life

Morning. It’s the freshest (yes, apparently it is a word!) time of the day- as it’s haven’t been polluted and all. It is indeed the best time to get your hustle on. And by hustle we mean running- or at least a relaxing jog. You just need a nice conducive spot and lightweight running apparel to get this morning routine going.

Because morning jog doesn’t require anything difficult to begin with, plus it gives you tons of benefits such as:

1. Increasing Your Stamina

A researcher from Georgia University in 2008 have collected datas where people who like to jog or run are more likely to experience the escalation of their energy level up until 65%. That is why running is the best choice if you find yourself easy to get exhausted, because the sport helps you to increase your stamina.

2. Improving Your Appetite

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” And for a healthier lifestyle, it is very recommended not to skip a morning meal. You need the energy when you go through your daily activities. Running in the morning helps you to improve your appetite which also makes that as an alarm for having breakfast every morning. Just make sure you don’t snooze the hunger!

3. Helping You to Sleep Better

Studies have shown that people who do their daily morning run routine will have a better, profoundly sleep- compared to those who run at night. This happens because the muscles need time to stabilize and to be more relaxed, which makes your night exercises more likely have a higher chance to disturb your sleep.

4. Cleaner Air and Better Weather

Morning breeze is the real deal, because it’s not yet polluted. Basically at night less vehicles are on the road which cause air to be least polluted and hence whole night this process continues and finally you get a relaxing air at morning- which makes the best time for you to get your running jersey and jog!