Intervals And Weight-Lifting

Endurance is one of the most important things to maintain while we’re cycling. The more endurance you have, the further you go. But some people find it hard to maintain endurance to keep up with the challenge. People tend to go on a regular ride and think that it is enough to prepare for the longer ride. They tend to skip the training they actually need. This training means intervals and weight-lifting. These two components boost your strength and endurance, so that you can go further and never lose your breath throughout the longer rides.

Doing some intervals on your ride means you ride harder than you normally do. It means you need to pedal your bike harder than usual. It may feels tiring, but surprisingly intervals causes the oxygen flowing through your body and giving you more energy to cycle more. And by doing this, it only costs you several minutes to give the same amount of energy you’ll get from a steady-speed ride for hours. Please note that you might need to rest for about 4 hours after every session of intervals.

If you want to go for a longer ride, you know that you can’t just pedal your bike to gain some muscles and exercise. Even though some people might find it unnecessary, but workout sessions and weight lifting before a long ride can actually make you ride longer and further. It takes some efforts to build up some muscles, but when you do, it’s easier to go for the next miles. But you need to be aware that heavy workouts and weight training may cause pain in order to gain some muscles. Be ready.

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