The Importance Of Passion In Sports

You may have seen it everywhere on motivational quotes, taglines and everything that’s related about sports. It seems like people seem like to connect sports and passion. But what is exactly the importance of it?   Well let’s break it down.. Have you ever felt that you just want to keep doing whatever sports you…

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Intervals And Weight-Lifting

Endurance is one of the most important things to maintain while we’re cycling. The more endurance you have, the further you go. But some people find it hard to maintain endurance to keep up with the challenge. People tend to go on a regular ride and think that it is enough to prepare for the…

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True Power From Nature

The long trip, steep and devious road, and the uncertain condition of climate. It challenges us as we go in a cycling adventure. The mysterious situation in the nature requires us to be fully ready at all kinds of field. Even so, the nature also provides us with some nutritions so that we are more…

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