Conquering The Dark

We often seek challenge in cycling. Sometimes, the more risk-taking it seems, the riding gets more interesting and thrilling. And riding in the dark is one of those challenges that excites us, cyclists. But of course, seeking a challenge has to go with the right attitude. And we’re going to share the ways on how to still get the adrenaline rush of night riding, without the worry of getting lost.

Lights. Bikes. Action!

Not only it’s a legal requirement, at least in certain places, though- but when venturing, utilizing lights will be very helpful and by that we really mean good rear and front lights. The importance on choosing good lights should not be underestimated. We highly recommend using above 1000 lumen lights (Brightness of bike light is frequently measured by lumen). Adding more lights on your helmet will also add bonus points for safety, and we always believe that safety always comes first.    

Riding In A Pack.

The more the merrier! Night venturing goes best with a partner or being in a group. It’s like you’re nocturnal. And most nocturnals come in a pack. Being in the dark, you need to communicate as you can’t always rely only on your vision, or your proficiency in tracking down routes. Weather, route, even your own stamina can be hazardous. So you can bring your best buds to company you along the way- and take fun group photos on break!

Prepared for more.

Make hay while the sun shines. You need to be prepared, even before the big d-day. Get yourself in shape, consume the greens, and plan ahead on which route are you taking.

Reflective Tape

We can say it as a part of the visibility deal. And the best part of it is that you can make it all by yourself. You can use a white tape as it’s the best color to use. Put reflective tape on your jersey, bike, helmet, rear, ankle bands and you’re all set!

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